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23rd February 2019 
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My name is Andrew Kilburn. I am a registered psychotherapist (UKCP), counsellor and EMDR trained therapist based in SE18, very close to Woolwich, Blackheath and Greenwich and the surrounding areas of North-West Kent. I offer an individual private psychotherapy and counselling service in South-East London and North-West Kent areas.

I am a trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist and psychodynamic counsellor. This means my approach is to seek to understand how current emotional and psychological difficulties can have their origin in thoughts and feelings that are unconscious to the individual and may be located somewhere in past childhood experiences.

  • I work with people with a range of emotional, psychological, interpersonal and mental health difficulties.

  • I work with people who have suffered from a traumatic experience. This includes people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who experience a great deal of anxiety and fear in everyday life and who may self-harm.

  • I work with people who work in professions like teaching, the performing arts, medicine, or law who are dealing with complex situations in their working life or in their personal relationships.

  • I work with people who are first time parents where the anticipation of a new baby, and indeed the baby's arrival, brings with it many emotions that are new and unfamiliar.

  • I work with people living with HIV.

    Why Choose a Psychotherapist?

    Psychotherapy does not offer a 'quick fix'. Emotional pain and suffering is real and the states of mind associated with mental pain are often enduring and debilitating, affecting your relationships, how you function at work, and how you organise your life day-to-day.

    Psychoanalytic psychotherapy looks at your problems in great depth. It is a therapeutic approach that takes your mind and your experience as the focus of exploration and investigation. The deeper we look into the causes and conditions of suffering, generated by the habits of your mind and conditioned by what you think and how you feel, the more freedom is experienced emotionally. Suffering is real and touches every life in some form with some intensity. This is difficult to accept though the evidence for it is everywhere. The truth of suffering is intimidating. We are so ill prepared to face suffering directly that we create states of mind to dull our mental pain.

    But suffering can be understood. The causes can be identified in each of our lives. This requires courage, compassion and sustained commitment. Once the causes of suffering have been learned about one can decrease, even bring to an end, the habits of mind that give rise to and perpetuate suffering. By discovering the ways we create and prolong suffering in ourselves, and in others, we can gradually gain a stronger sense of who we are and how we function which often brings a sense of profound relief. This approach takes time.

    I work in private practise and I am a Principal Adult Psychotherapist in the NHS. I supervise counsellors working in GP settings (Primary Care Counsellors), psychologists and psychotherapists in training, and psychiatrists interested in psychotherapy in the NHS. I am a trained 'Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing' (EMDR) therapist and psychodynamic counsellor and I have some training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

    How to find me?

    For a map of the local area just CLICK HERE.

    I am close to Shooters Hill, SE18, and the Memorial Hospital. There is on-street parking and the area is served by several local bus routes (No's 89, 486. 244). I am a short bus ride from Blackheath, Woolwich town centre, Plumstead and Welling train stations and the DLR extension to Woolwich is due to open shortly. The nearest tube station is North Greenwich (Jubilee line) and is a 20-30 minute bus ride away (No 486).

    I am very close to surrounding areas in North-West Kent (Dartford, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Sidcup) and South-East London (Lewisham, Blackheath, Greenwich, Eltham, Deptford, New Cross, Charlton and Thamesmead). I am also within easy driving reach of the south 'circular' (A205), the A2 and the Blackwall Tunnel for East London and the Docklands.

    Contact Details

    You can phone me, in confidence and without obligation, to arrange an appointment or to make an initial enquiry on:

    020 8854 1617

    If you get my answer machine please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible (within 24 hours), otherwise try again until you can speak to me directly.

    Or, you can e-mail me at : [email protected]

    For a list of my current vacancies for therapy please refer to the section FAQ